What We Do

A pocket talisman against wasted time and frustration.  Instant enlightenment, fully integrated into NetSuite itself. Pocket Buddha is here to make your NetSuite training and usage experience swift, effective and powerful.  We are an Oracle approved
NetSuite SuiteApp, expert in what we do.

So here’s what we do.

One Click to Instant Help

Integrated into the ERP user experience within NetSuite, the Pocket Buddha Instant Help Widget displays to give multimedia training materials on relevant features.  

Based on the user role and current NetSuite page, the Pocket Buddha widget displays to provide one-click access to relevant training and reference materials for that particular page, function or process. Pocket Buddha has an intuitive sense of what the user is attempting to do, and provides interactive insight such as videos, tutorials and FAQs.  Users have the ability to walk through and self-train (or retrain) step-by-step on many features.

Pocket Buddha Instant Help Video


Back-up Support

If additional technical support is needed, Pocket Buddha has internal and external support built-in.  Generate a help ticket, reach a designated internal support person, or start a live chat with an external customer support service, all while still within the NetSuite universe.  External ticketing also provides professional glitch-repair service, should a bug require a professional fix.

Instant help, when you need it, backed by professional expertise. 

Pocket Buddha Instant Support Video

Rapid and Customized On-boarding

Companies in the United States spend more than $160 billion per year on training, an average of $1,195 per employee.  At about $5/month per user, Pocket Buddha comes at a fraction of the cost, but offers:

  • Customized training programs – For new hires, promotions, re-postings and job changes, the process of training new personnel on NetSuite is built-in to Pocket Buddha.  Utilize customizable Learning Paths, as a self-paced tool or in an instructor-led training session.
  • Personalized tutoring – Give employees of every role the certainty and job security that comes with knowledge. A suggested sequence of study can be modified or created based on user role, with self-paced progress, allowing users who need more practice the guidance to do so.
  • An intuitive interface and high-tech search feature – Provide employees with access to hundreds of materials–videos, PDFs, training guides, files, FAQs and more.
  • Progress tracking – Pocket Buddha makes it possible to track training progress, set up a training schedule and even access a NetSuite training specialist.

Pocket Buddha training can be done based on user role, a specific process, or subject-specific training needs.  Assistance provides as much or as little help as needed, when and where and how it is needed.

Save valuable time training new employees, and provide experienced personnel the opportunity to improve efficiency and productivity, all within Pocket Buddha.

Pocket Buddha Learning Center Video


An Indispensible Training Library

Over 100 NetSuite user training videos, and accompanying articles.  Over 500 pages of NetSuite training guides with easy-to-follow instructions.  Pre-built eLearning courses covering many of the most popular NetSuite user training topics.  All within Pocket Buddha. [link]

We are so confident that you will find the Pocket Buddha materials library indispensable, that we offer a free 30-day trial.  

As intuitive as NetSuite is, any ERP system requires user training.  Whether painstakingly taught one-on-one, or in group settings, training and retraining costs time and money.  Often, more productive and experienced personnel find themselves pulled off of their own tasks to help troubleshoot or train with less experienced staff.  

In the first 30 days of use, you’ll find that Pocket Buddha provides “instant user enlightenment,” on demand and at the click of a button.  

Free 30-Day Trial

Even signing up for Pocket Buddha does not take experience.  Your free 30-day trial is a rapid, self-installation experience guided by your Pocket Buddha.

Sign up for your 30-day Free Trial and gain access to our full library of training videos at no additional cost.

To get started with your trial, click here to sign-up! After signing up, you will receive an email with instructions on how to install and activate the Pocket Buddha SuiteApp Bundle within your instance of NetSuite. No professional services are needed to get you started!

If you decide to keep your instant enlightenment tool, he comes at a very low monthly user fee.

So click here to get started!