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What is Pocket Buddha?

Pocket Buddha is a native NetSuite LMS Learning Management System combined with a NetSuite Instant Help Solution and 80+ NetSuite user training videos. Essentially, Pocket Buddha is a suite of NetSuite training solutions to help NetSuite users learn and use NetSuite rapidly while achieving ERP process and documentation compliance.

What is Pocket Buddha? Video

NetSuite eLearning for Rapid NetSuite User Training

The Pocket Buddha Learning Center provides the ability to create role specific NetSuite LMS eLearning courses for users to follow and learn NetSuite rapidly. Each training path is a step-by-step sequence of training materials covering a specific user role or process or subject.


80+ NetSuite User Training Video Library

Pocket Buddha comes pre-configured with over 100 NetSuite User Training videos and companion articles, over 500 pages of NetSuite training guides; plus pre-built NetSuite LMS eLearning courses covering a variety of NetSuite user training topics.

Sample NetSuite User Training Video

Instant Help Right Within NetSuite

The Pocket Buddha Instant Help Widget surfaces relevant multimedia training materials based on the user’s NetSuite role and the exact NetSuite page the user is on. Surfacing relevant training and reference materials based on what a specific user is doing within NetSuite is a key feature of Pocket Buddha.

Instant Support Right Within NetSuite

The Pocket Buddha Instant Support feature that enables a user to submit a support request to the company’s NetSuite support team via email.

Pocket Buddha Features

Basically, our Pocket Buddha offers everything an employee could need to answer his or her questions about their NetSuite ERP, no matter how simple or complex, general or niche. To get more specific, the key attributes of this application include:

  • A comprehensive database of collected PDFs, files, videos, training guides, FAQs, urls, custom record Rich Text, and any other media employees might reference to make the best use of their ERP system. This can be custom made, generated by Pocket Buddha, or drawn from the ERP provider.
  • Instant access to all of the above materials.
  • User role and current form/page awareness. This means that Pocket Buddha is highly attuned to the user’s universe; the application knows exactly what the user is currently doing within the ERP and provides data accordingly.
  • A tech support widget, available at any time to offer targeted media relevant to the page the user is on. This sophisticated learning tool is lifetimes beyond that familiar paperclip widget. For example, the widget always brings up FAQs, tutorials, and videos in a separate window so as not to disrupt ERP processes. Users can simultaneously learn each step and solve their problems in real time within the ERP software.
  • A state-of-the-art search box, with typeahead functionality and search customization features. Users can scale their search results up or down depending on their needs, from broad to specific, and designate which types of multimedia content they wish to see. This puts Pocket Buddha leaps and bounds beyond the typical shotgun searching for specific tech support answers.
  • For when you need to talk to a real live person, a chat button that begins a discussion with the company’s external customer support service in seconds.
  • A support button that makes it easy to send a Help Ticket to NetSuite or an external ticketing system if the glitch persists and requires a professional fix.
  • The Pocket Buddha training tab, which acts as a personalized tech tutor for each user. It provides a custom curated list of materials sorted by the user’s position, along with a suggested sequence of study for these videos, training guides, files, and FAQs. The tab also helps users track their progress, search their individualized material list, and even contact any trainers they have to boost their study.

Buddha Benefits

Pocket Buddha offers tremendous value to users and companies. The many virtues of this training guru include:

  • A simpler, more streamlined onboarding process for new hires, especially with the training innovation of the Pocket Buddha tab.
  • Faster, easier refreshers on ERP technology for more experienced employees who need a boost in their daily business or want to get updated on new features.
  • Cost savings on seminars, workshops, and other training sessions.
  • Affordable pricing, at just about $5 per user per month.
  • Saved time, hassle, and energy in resolving tech support issues, improving morale in the office.
  • Improved efficiency, productivity, and revenue due to optimization of ERP software.
  • An intuitive interface that makes Pocket Buddha’s myriad functions even more accessible and useful.

Use Cases

When might you use Pocket Buddha, and how?

  • Onboarding: You’ve just hired a new sales representative. As part of the orientation and initial instruction for her new position, she has a custom-made Pocket Buddha training tab of materials to read and watch, as well as a specialized study schedule and instant access to a trainer. She learns how to use the relevant functions in your ERP quickly and with ease, becoming a valuable asset to the company.
  • Refreshing: Your ERP software gets updated and the system for writing inventories changes. Your accountant is completely confused. Rather than waiting for hours on the phone with tech support, fruitlessly trying every button, or simply giving up and doing the inventory manually, he can simply pull up Pocket Buddha and learn the new features in mere minutes.
  • Glitching: Your ERP malfunctions, obscuring your Vice President’s access to payroll. Before, she might have called on IT to try out every possible solution to this problem, wasting valuable time and money with no benefit. With Pocket Buddha, however, she immediately finds all the appropriate materials (especially with customized search parameters and typeahead) and when none of them apply, she knows it’s a bug in the program. Using the Pocket Buddha app, she sends a Help Ticket so the software company can solve the problem. Glitch happens, but Pocket Buddha can help you instantly spot and handle them.

Did You Know…

  • According to HR.com, “New employees who went through a structured onboarding program were 58 percent more likely to be with the organization after three years.” The Pocket Buddha tab could be an essential component of this structure, building your company’s future.
  • “64 percent of employees say their mobile devices make them more productive in the office,” Capterra reports. Just imagine how much better your business might do if you equipped your employees with the power of Pocket Buddha!
  • The Office of Finance notes that about “half of businesses (48 percent) admit they find the range of [ERP] solutions confusing” and 37 percent reported: “it was difficult for staff to adapt to the new processes.” Pocket Buddha can help your company clarify the capabilities of ERP and implement this technology to boost your business.
  • According to Forbes, “US spending on corporate training grew by 15 percent last year (the highest growth rate in seven years) to over $70 Billion in the US and over $130 Billion worldwide.” Think of the money Pocket Buddha could save you by providing automated, customized training on the app and in the tab!
  • Pocket Buddha is a NetSuite SuiteApp, one of the select, high-quality NetSuite-approved programs “that extend NetSuite for your industry and business needs,” integrating seamlessly with your existing software.


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