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Pocket Buddha NetSuite LMS Learning Management Solution

The Pocket Buddha NetSuite LMS Learning Management Solution now has NetSuite Training Videos and eLearning Courses available in the Pocket Buddha SuiteApp which includes access to 79+ NetSuite User Training videos. These high quality videos are between 2-5 min in length and cover a wide range of topics to help your users learn and use NetSuite rapidly.

Sample NetSuite User Training Videos:

NetSuite Quote to Cash I Video

NetSuite Tracking Email Communication Video

NetSuite Inline Editing Video

The Pocket Buddha NetSuite User Training videos and companion articles are combined into powerful eLearning courses that your users can do right within NetSuite! Pocket Buddha also allows you to create and customize eLearning courses as needed.

The Pocket Buddha Learning Center:

Pocket Buddha NetSuite Learning Center Video

Pocket Buddha NetSuite training materials encompass videos, companion articles, eLearning courses and training guides.

To additionally help your users, the Pocket Buddha Instant Help widget surfaces relevant training materials based on the user’s role and the exact NetSuite page the user is on.

Pocket Buddha Instant Help Widget:

Pocket Buddha NetSuite Instant Help Video

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