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Pocket Buddha Content Delivery of NetSuite Training Videos and e-Learning Courses

The Pocket Buddha NetSuite LMS Learning Management Solution now has a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for distributing training materials automatically to Pocket Buddha NetSuite customers. This feature was specifically designed for NetSuite Solution Providers and SuiteApp Developers who need to distribute standardized training materials to their NetSuite customers. New and updated NetSuite Training Videos, eLearning Courses, Articles and other Training Materials, are updated nightly across all customer installs of Pocket Buddha.

Distributing and maintaining custom training content for NetSuite customers is now possible utilizing Pocket Buddha which is the only native NetSuite Learning Management System (LMS) and Instant Help solution for NetSuite on the market!

NetSuite customers do not necessarily need to purchase Pocket Buddha to receive their custom training materials from their NetSuite Solution Provider or SuiteApp Developer: a freemium, read-only version of Pocket Buddha is available for Solution Providers and SuiteApp Developers to utilize.

To help NetSuite customers rapidly learn and use NetSuite, Pocket Buddha is now includes access to 80+ NetSuite User Training Videos. These high quality videos are between 2-5 min in length and cover a wide range of topics.

Sample NetSuite User Training Videos:

Tracking Email Comm Video Poster

Inline Editing Video Poster


The Pocket Buddha NetSuite User Training videos and companion articles are combined into powerful eLearning courses that customers can do right within NetSuite! Pocket Buddha features the ability to create and customize eLearning courses in order to train customers on their SuiteApp or on how NetSuite has been customized.

The Pocket Buddha Learning Center:


Pocket Buddha NetSuite training materials encompass videos, companion articles, eLearning courses and training guides: click here to see the full catalog of training materials available.

NetSuite Solution Providers and SuiteApp Developers can partner with Pocket Buddha to have customized training materials distributed to their customers via the Pocket Buddha SuiteApp. Pocket Buddha can then be utilized to automatically keep all customers up-to-date with the latest training materials right within NetSuite!

To additionally help your customers, the Pocket Buddha Instant Help Widget surfaces relevant training materials based on the user’s role and the exact NetSuite page the user is on.

Pocket Buddha Instant Help Widget:

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