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NetSuite Reporting Tools Course

The Pocket Buddha Academy has a brand-new NetSuite eLearning Video course on NetSuite Reporting Tools. In this course, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of NetSuite reporting functionality, including basic report customization and the use of saved searches for ad hoc reporting.

NetSuite Reporting Tools Course

Course Coverage

This new NetSuite Reporting Tools eLearning course covers:

  • Understanding the various types of NetSuite reporting tools.
  • Navigating and scheduling NetSuite reports.
  • Customizing NetSuite Reports.
  • Creating and editing ad-hoc reports (NetSuite Saved Searches).

In just a few hours, power users and administrators can be trained on the basics of NetSuite Reporting and NetSuite Saved Searches!

Key Questions Answered

Which is better to use: a saved search or a report to handle a NetSuite reporting requirement?

What kinds of NetSuite financial reports are provided by NetSuite as standard?

How do I customize NetSuite standard reports to meet my specific business needs?

How do I create a NetSuite custom report (saved search) to locate specific customers or transactions?

How can I produce a NetSuite saved search with summarized results, that will also allow me to drill down to more detailed information?

What’s Included?

  • Thirteen high-quality video walkthroughs of NetSuite in action.
  • Complete video transcripts with screenshots for reference.
  • Exercise and practice steps to be done within NetSuite.
  • Access to the instructor via discussion thread or by direct email.
  • A full 45 days of access to each course.
  • Professional course completion certificates.

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