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NetSuite eLearning Video Course on NetSuite Activities, Emails and Email Templates

Pocket Buddha has a brand-new NetSuite eLearning Video course on NetSuite Activities, Emails and Email Templates. This new NetSuite eLearning course features:

  • How to effectively create and manage the different NetSuite activities: Tasks, Phone Calls and Calendar Events.
  • How to create and track NetSuite emails.
  • How to use and create Email Templates.

In just a few hours, users can be trained right within NetSuite to be proficient with NetSuite Activities, Emails and Email Templates:

NetSuite Activities eLearning Video Course

This new NetSuite eLearning Video course has 31 steps and 14 videos:

NetSuite Activities eLearning Video Course Videos

Tracking Email Communication Video

Companion Video Articles

Each Pocket Buddha NetSuite Video has a companion video article which is a full transcript of the video including screenshots. All the companion video articles that make up a NetSuite eLearning Video Course are combined into a PDF Training Guide for handy reference:

NetSuite eLearning Video Course Training Guide

NetSuite Learning Center

All Pocket Buddha NetSuite eLearning Video courses are available right within NetSuite in the Pocket Buddha Learning Center. New eLearning courses can easily be created for the Learning Center and Pocket Buddha provided NetSuite eLearning Video courses can be modified as needed for your users.

Pocket Buddha NetSuite Learning Center

NetSuite Instant Help

All Pocket Buddha videos, articles, and other training assets as well as any customer created training materials are instantly available within the Pocket Buddha NetSuite Instant Help Widget. This widget is available on most pages within NetSuite and training assets can be targeted by user Role and the specific page the user is on.

NetSuite Instant Help

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