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Instant NetSuite User Training Right Within NetSuite

Instant NetSuite user training has not been possible until the release of the Pocket Buddha suite of NetSuite training solutions. Read on to learn about the currently available options for training NetSuite users and how Pocket Buddha and provide instant NetSuite user training right within NetSuite.

Training new NetSuite users or re-training existing NetSuite users can be time consuming and expensive especially where there is a regular turn-over of employees. Training NetSuite users can be a constant drain on the organization both on staff resources and productivity. What then are the available options for training NetSuite users?

  1. Hire a NetSuite Training Consultant to deliver onsite or web based training (expensive and difficult to maintain over time).
  2. Appoint a Dedicated NetSuite Trainer inside the company to deliver internal NetSuite training (potentially less expensive but time intensive unless custom eLearning courses are created using an external system to NetSuite).
  3. Have comprehensive Training Guides written for NetSuite training that users go through on their own (workable if the guide is very well written with many examples that have the user actually do practice work in NetSuite).
  4. Purchase the NetSuite Training Pass for each user needing NetSuite training (not very workable as the Training Pass is very expensive and the courses are not structured for quick learning nor do they take into account any customizations that have been done in your instance of NetSuite).
  5. Utilize NetSuite SuiteAnswers and have users go there to learn how to use NetSuite (unfortunately SuiteAnswers is just a very large knowledge base without structured content that is suitable for user training).

Ideally NetSuite users are trained right within NetSuite itself using an embedded Learning Management System (LMS). Does NetSuite provide an LMS? Unfortunately no. However, the Pocket Buddha suite of NetSuite training solutions was designed and developed to address this need.

Instant NetSuite User Training

Pocket Buddha is the only native NetSuite Learning Management System (LMS) on the market that can be utilized to provide instant NetSuite user training right within NetSuite itself:Pocket Buddha LMS - Netsuite User Training

The Pocket Buddha NetSuite LMS Learning Management Solution includes 80+ NetSuite Training Videos and eLearning Courses to help get your users productive within NetSuite rapidly. For example, Pocket Buddha comes with the NetSuite Orientation I eLearning course that includes 13 high quality videos covering the basics every new NetSuite users needs to know:

NetSuite Orientation eLearning Course - NetSuite User Training

Pocket Buddha includes features that allow you to customize these eLearning courses as needed and to create new eLearning courses for your users.



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